No Bake Sugar Bomb Breakfast Cupcakes

29942756_728155750906181_364187854_oPulling an all nighter cramming for an exam. Pulling a late shift at work to make a last-minute deadline. Sometimes things come up in our lives and we need a sugar fix to keep us going as long as we can. Forget the calories, the carbs – you can worry about that after everything’s all said and done. We’ve all been there, and if you’re looking for a quick easy breakfast treat to keep you going, I’ve got just the thing.

29942721_728155764239513_1330126841_oThe first recipe is similar to the one I use for making my Cheerio breakfast bars. As luck would have it, they also can make amazing crunchy cupcakes if you crush them down enough! Growing up anosmiac, I always hated cupcakes because of the plain, simple texture, but these definitely have a more satisfying bite to them while still satisfying a sweet tooth!

The “Cupcake” 

-Soup pot, the bigger the better
-Muffin pan
-Muffin liners (trust me, you’ll want them!) 29893568_728155777572845_1351690180_o

-5-6 cups of Cheerios (any kind, but I prefer Honey Nut!)
-1 10 oz bag of mini marshmallows
-3 tablespoons butter


  1. Put the butter in the pot and set it to low heat, making sure it covers the bottom.
  2. Throw in the bag of marshmallows. Make sure they’re the mini kind – sometimes the jumbo 29831397_728155770906179_875651029_omarshmallows won’t dissolve all the way and leave lumps that can turn it from ooey gooey to just messy.
  3. Stir the marshmallows until they’re completely dissolved and then turn off the heat.
  4. Add in 5-6 cups of Cheerios and stir until combined.
  5. Cover your hands with coconut oil or butter (don’t worry, it’s good for the skin!) 29942425_728155794239510_610757802_oand grab a handful of Cheerio goo from the pot, stuffing it into the muffin liner.
  6. Try to keep it as uniform as possible, and keep crushing down each layer as you add them to try to keep it uniform. I usually fill it all the way to the top and try to keep it as level as possible. Be especially careful as you work your way towards the bottom – the pot may still be hot!

How many cupcakes you get depends on how much you fill them, but I usually get between 12-16 depending on how many Cheerios you use.

The Icing 29831421_728155744239515_788467853_o

Now he’s the fun part: adding your toppings. If you have your own recipe for frosting that you like, feel free to use it! You can also make icing or a simple glaze by just mixing powdered sugar and a bit of water together and brushing it over the top. Here’s what I did:

-Mixing bowl/hand mixer

-1/4 cup butter
-2 tablespoons water
-2 cups powdered sugar 29955076_728155790906177_738313521_o
-Food dye (optional!)
-Toppings (mini chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts – the works!)


  1. Put the butter, water, and powdered sugar in a mixing bowl and beat until combined. If it seems too “loose,” add more powdered sugar. If it seems too stiff, add more water. Adjust until it reaches your desired consistency.
  2. Add a few drops of dye and mix until it reaches the color that you’re trying to achieve. 29943127_728155760906180_1183763481_o
  3. Cover the top of your cupcakes. I usually like to keep mine fairly stiff so that it covers the “holes” made by the Cheerios and covers the uneven texture of the top layer.
  4. If your cupcakes still seem a bit lumpy on the top, try adding toppings! Mini chocolate chips, nuts, sprinkles, chopped candy bits, or anything that you set your mind to!
  5. Have fun with it and enjoy!






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