I was born without a sense of smell. Like most people, I’ll probably never know why. It’s not something I realized until I was in middle school, when I finally realized that people were describing “smells” and I didn’t actually understand what they meant. Growing up, it was hard to find food that interested me. To me, everything tasted the same. I always found that soda just tasted like sweet carbonated syrup, no matter the brand, and it was hard for me to distinguish one fruit from another. It was just sweet to me, but that was it. It wasn’t until I met my husband, an amateur cook and massive foodie, that I began to be interested in food when he took what some consider to be a disability as a challenge. He started inventing new recipes, focusing on textures instead of aromatics, and it got me way more interested in food than I ever have been. I made this blog for anyone else out there who was just like me, wanting food to be a bigger part of their life without realizing what they were missing. I hope it helps! Even if the recipes don’t appeal to you, I hope it’s helpful to know you’re not alone.


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