4-Ingredient Egg Protein Bundt Cake

I love eggs. I love eggs so much that when my husband and I were shopping around for our first house, I specifically ruled out any and all properties that wouldn’t support a chicken coop.

Fortunately for us, we found a perfect residence that not only had a chicken coop already set up along the side of the garage, but the couple that was moving out also asked us to take care of their two older hens for them!

Although we haven’t gotten many eggs from them, this past March and April was spent raising chicks (and ducklings!) in our upstairs office so that they could give us some eggs by summer. Although they got started a little later than we expected, we had some six dozen eggs sitting on our counter last month.

That’s a lot of eggs!

So what do you do with that many eggs, you ask? Well, I like to turn them into egg sandwiches, and what better way to use up all those eggs than to turn your eggs into a moist cake-like bread product?

-12 eggs (we used duck eggs for a fluffier product, but large chicken eggs will work here as well!)
-96 grams protein powder (we use this!)
-1 tbsp baking powder
-1 tsp salt

If you’re worried about an eggy taste, feel free to use 1 tsp of sugar and/or add other seasonings, like cinnamon. We have replicated this recipe with coffee flavored protein powder instead of the traditional unflavored and I am obsessed!

You can also cut this recipe in half, using only 6 eggs and 48 grams of protein powder, and bake it in a traditional loaf pan. Keep the baking time and temperature the same!


  1. Make sure that you grease your Bundt pan well, otherwise it’s not going to come out so pretty! Then preheat your oven to 350 F.
  2. Separate your egg whites from your yolks and place them in two separate bowls. This is probably the longest part of the process! Make sure you don’t get any egg yolks in your whites!
  3. Whip the egg whites until they hold stiff peaks. A stand mixer works great here!
  4. Mix the protein powder, baking powder, and rest of your seasonings with the yolks. This will get very stiff, very quickly, but do the best you can!
  5. Once the egg whites are stiff, fold a little bit of them into the yolk mixture to lighten it up. Continue doing this until your yolk mixture is light and no clumps remain. Keep adding the whites to the yolks until they’re all done, being careful not to deflate them too much.
  6. Move your batter into your bundt pan and then place in the oven, cooking for about 25-30 minutes. My oven tends to overbake quickly, so you might need more time.
  7. I let mine cool in the pan until it’s cool enough to remove, and then just flip it out onto a clean plate. I cut the whole thing into about 12-16 pieces depending on whether I’m using it as a dessert or a “garlic bread” to serve with a fancy dinner!

This is the nutrition facts that I calculated using 12 large eggs and approximately 3 and a half scoops of protein powder. If you use duck eggs as I did in this recipe or a different kind of protein powder, especially one that contains sweeteners, your nutrition facts will end up much different than what I have listed here! This is for 12 slices.

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