Crisp and Healthy Cucumber “Sushi” Bites

I bet you’re probably looking at the picture above and going, “What??? Is she crazy??? That’s not sushi!!!” To which I say: …fair point! This creation came about after my husband and I had our regularly-scheduled monthly sushi night and still had cucumbers, peanut sauce, and homemade gluten-free fried onion crisps set out on the table. He sliced the cucumbers, topped them with peanut sauce, put a few fried onions on top…and it was delicious!!

Now, I know this doesn’t look like sushi, and without the rice component, I’m not sure how much it will taste like sushi. Because of my anosmia, my sense of taste is greatly diminished, and therefore I focus on the textural aspects of food: the cool, crisp crunch of the cucumber, the creaminess of the sauce, the satisfying crunch of the fried onions on top. For me, it’s got all of the “components” of the textural elements that I love the most in sushi.

So okay, maybe it’s not “sushi” but it’s a good way to clean up sushi leftovers and make a satisfying healthy snack!

-Knife for slicing up cucumbers
-1/8 teaspoon (optional)

-1 cucumber, the thicker the better
-Peanut sauce (or whatever sauce you prefer, really)
-Fried onions or other crunchy bits (You can usually find fried onions on the top shelf in your canned goods isle of your local food store, or you can use crushed nuts or crackers to make a crunchy textural component)


  1. Cut the cucumber to desired thickness. Since you’re going to be putting sauce on it, I’d recommend not as thin as a potato chip, but not so thick that you have to really bite to get through it.
  2. Take a 1/8 teaspoon of sauce and put it in the middle of your cucumber. You can use more or less sauce to taste. If you have an empty squirt bottle, that works great too!
  3. Top with crunchy bits! As many or as little as you want!

See? Simple, easy, and best of all, super healthy! Enjoy!


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