2017 Gingerbread Village Pictures

Alas, it’s the second week of January, the week after New Years, and while there’s snow on the ground, the telltale sigh of, “I have to get back to work” means that the holidays are over. The sugar cookies are gone, the eggnog’s been drunk, and the Christmas ornaments are back in the attic until the next snowy winter’s eve. 26653353_676479669407123_90960659_o

That also means that my tiny little gingerbread village is going to have to come down as well. My husband and I picked up two sets at Target, both a mini village of four houses and a giant tree, after we were stuck deciding between these two and the train set (hey, there’s always next year!) The gingerbread men were also not home-baked, we picked up Mi-Del gingerbread men at our local healthy food store, but you can find them right here on Amazon. They’re gluten free, and I like how they have a satisfying snap and a strong hint of spice to them that you can definitely taste, anosmiac or not.


(Nope, this is not a sponsored post, I just like them!)

One of the Target kits unfortunately didn’t come with its own tube of frosting so we had to pick up a spare from our local food store, but fortunately while we were there, we noticed some green Peep Marshmallow Christmas trees and picked those up for only a dollar to add to our little scene!

My husband took the time to put the houses and the tree together, while I went to work decorating them when they were done. It took about four hours total, but I think it was well worth it!

Check out the rest of the images below:


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